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International project “The Glocal Multimedia Art”, with the this year’s topic “The Revolt in Art against Corruption”, which was created by the this portal’s Croatian association “Culture, Media and Education” – ARTHEA, was  successfully finished on Friday, 15th June, in Slavonski Brod. The project had included creating the social network http://glocal-art.ning.com where the artistic conceptual task was realised, then the symposium  with the artists, doctors of philosophy and students in discussion on corruptive conscience and finally the performance of aesthetical/ethical testimony at the town square of Slavonski Brod.

The members of the project were: Professor and Artist Vladimir Frelih from the Art Academy Osijek, his students Lucija Jakovina, Robert Fiser and Ana Petrovic, who all uploaded their videa-art works, PhD Kruno Martinac from Melbourne, Australia, Dr Dragan Calovic and Dr Vlatko Ilic from the association “Young Peas” from Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, a film Director Zoran Sudar from Zagreb, Tomislav Lacic a representative of the music group SB Reprezenta well known for anticorruptive music, students from the  Faculty  of  Teacher Education in Osijek, department in Slavonski Brod and the president PhD Vesna Srnic as well as other members of the association ARTHEA.

The project was funded by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and will be incorporated in educational activities of primary, secondary and tertiary educational levels of the teachers/members.

Brochure in Croatian language


Scientists and composers have produced a new choral work in which performers sing sequences or parts of their own genetic code as an ultimate genome!

As the  BBC News Science correspondent Pallab Ghosh reports a musician Andrew Morley got the idea of assigning a note to each of Human DNA compound! The “proper composer” approached by Dr Morley was Michael Zev Gordon, who was inspired by the idea, and thus has turned a simple idea into a beautiful work of art.

The new piece, Allele, will be performed by the New London Chamber Choir at the Royal Society of Medicine on 13 July. “Each of the 40-strong choir has also had his or her own DNA decoded. At its climax, each member of the choir is singing their own unique genetic code – resulting in everyone singing a subtly different song.”

In such a way the music is a sound of the ultimate human genome. You can hear the sample at:




God particle signal is simulated as sign! BBC reports that the scientists have simulated the sounds set to be made by sub-atomic particles such as the Higgs boson when they are produced at the Large Hadron Collider.

At the “LHC sound” web page http://lhcsound.hep.ucl.ac.uk/ we can be informed about a creative project of sonification LHC data from CERN, done by a group of particle physicists, composers, software developers and artists. The project started in earnest in January 2010 thanks to funding from the science & technology facilities council in the form of a small award for public outreach. You can find out more about them here. The aim of the project is threefold:

To attract people to the results of the LHC experiments in a way that is novel, exciting and accessible.

To establish mutually beneficial communication between the usually disparate fields of music and science and provide composers with access to LHC data.

To introduce particle physicists to the possibility of using sonification as an analysis technique and to begin to establish the methods available for doing this.

Listen to some sounds at:







BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10385675.stm