Scientists and composers have produced a new choral work in which performers sing sequences or parts of their own genetic code as an ultimate genome!

As the  BBC News Science correspondent Pallab Ghosh reports a musician Andrew Morley got the idea of assigning a note to each of Human DNA compound! The “proper composer” approached by Dr Morley was Michael Zev Gordon, who was inspired by the idea, and thus has turned a simple idea into a beautiful work of art.

The new piece, Allele, will be performed by the New London Chamber Choir at the Royal Society of Medicine on 13 July. “Each of the 40-strong choir has also had his or her own DNA decoded. At its climax, each member of the choir is singing their own unique genetic code – resulting in everyone singing a subtly different song.”

In such a way the music is a sound of the ultimate human genome. You can hear the sample at: