President of NGO “Culture, Media and Education” – ARTHEA and Media-Via.Net web portal owner:

PhD. Vesna Srnic


cell phone: +385 98 501 835

Dr. Srnic is a conceptual leader and creator of international projects, doctor of aesthetics of media, as well as translator and web administrator of the portal.



Media-Via.Net members are NGO ARTHEA’ s members as well:


Dr. Kruno Martinac, Australian sociologist of media, a collaborator in the field of visual communication;

Collaborator, MA. professor Vladimir Frelih, a professor of video art; including his students of Academy of Arts in Osijek;

Film director and professor Zoran Sudar, a media culture collaborator; art documentaries director;

Prof. Ljiljana Andric, a sociologist and adviser for social culture questions;

Prof. Branko Stefanovski (RIP), an adviser in the field of philosophy of existence;

Eng. Zeljko Klindzic, an expert for the e-learning online platform;

IT Teacher Tomislav Lacic, a collaborator for IT and camerman;

Prof. Frankopan Mariano Klarić, proofreading

Student Dora Klindzic, an adviser in the field of artistic/scientific theory; art photographer;

Economist Lidija Vargić,  a gymnastic performance team leader, collaborator;  

Lawyer Damir Stefanic, a professor, vice-president of NGO ARTHEA;

Azra Antulov-Fantulin, a secretary, accountant, financial specialist