Void of any aesthetic or technical presumptuousness, demystifying artistic photography and its author, these photo and video sketches on the iPhone provide, in a subversive way, insight into the artistic raison d’être of Fedor Vučemilović. (Gallery Vladimir Buzancic, Zagreb, Croatia, 4th-26th  April)

Just as he had done forty years ago at the beginning of his career, regardless of whether he was doing “pure” documentary or conceptual photography, both courses he set for himself in life ever since he was a member of the Group of Six Authors, Fedor Vučemilović has remained discrete in his work to this day, always paying attention to both the aesthetic and technical perfection of photography(…)

At first glance, these simple everyday trivia when “caught” by the camera become picture – icons. The picture does not describe or aestheticise what is seen in it. It records the scene or through gestuality designates the author’s presence in it. By eliminating his professional tools, the metiér is deconstructed and thus turns into observation, while the artist becomes the observer. fedor catalog
(Anita Zlomislic)