Croatian video selection curated by Darko Fritz will be screened on 1st April on ´CologneOFF 2011´ Festival at Arad Art Museum  (Romania). 14min cut from ´Mechanical Figures´ by, ´Archeo 29´ by Vladislav Knezevic and Edita Pecotic´s ´Time to Go Home´ will be presented within the festival´s programme. With an international team of authors, since 2006 Helena Bulaja is developing her new project, experimental interactive documentary Mechanical Figures, inspired by Croatia-born scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla.

Examining subjective opinions and myths about the private life of inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) in her work Mechanical Figures_Inspired by Tesla, Helena Bulaja reconstructs the ideas and the significance of his public activities.

The film will be released in different media: as a linear theatric and TV documentary, a series of short films, as well as an interactive film for the Web and mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. In the film, stories and thoughts about Tesla and creativity are told by some of the most intriguing and inspiring artists, thinkers, writers and scientists, like the film director Terry Gilliam, musician and artist Laurie Anderson, performance artist Marina Abramovic, writer Christopher Priest, new media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, actor Andy Serkis, scientist and president of Kyoto University Hiroshi Matsumoto and others.