Vedran Ruzic jazz quartet played multimedially joined with a huge screened film „Spiritual Market“ on 28th June, 2018 in The Ivana Brlic Mazuranic Concert Hall in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. „Spiritual Market“ combines the original jazz album of Vedran Ružić – inspired by the journeys of Marco Polo with the music accompanying art film, made by John Kardum and Ira Tomić.

Highly coordinated quartet sounded not only as a perfect western jazz, but also as a singular and highly spirited shaman in his endevaor! The sound was extremely and crystally penetrating thanks to the new, expensive equipment of the concert hall. Especially the Vedran’s dubble bass was impressive. The film pretended to be abstract but was illustrating facts occasionally. “Spiritual Market” was awarded with Porin for The Best Jazz Album in 2016.


Spiritual Market teaser


The jazz album was created in combination with overtones from Istria and the Far East, it follows Polo’s journey from Venice to China. The album unites 5 original pieces of Ružić, a late medieval motet and a traditional Mongolian piece with new arrangements. With Ružić on the double bass, the quartet is completed with his colleagues from the conservatorium in Klagenfurt – Adriano Bernobić on the drums, Pavle Miljenović on the guitar and Mario Biočić joining them with the saxophone on three pieces on the album. In addition to the music and paintings, Ira Tomić and John Kardum joined with photography and an art movie – as a result, the project “Spiritual Market” evolved, inspired by the journeys of Marco Polo to the Far East.

Vedran Ružić is an academic painter (on his last year at the academy of fine arts in Rijeka/Croatia) and a professional double bass jazz-musician. In 2017 he won the Croatia’s highest prize in music for the best jazz album of the year (Spiritual Market). He has his own atelier in Volosko/Opatija, where he works on his paintings and music.

Vedran Ruzic Trio – Night speaking (Official video) 


Teaser and a Media-Via short video with courtesy of the artist.