Manchester International Festival and Teatro Real Madrid present on 30th June-17th July the world premiere of a startling new piece for the stage: The Life and Death of Marina Abramović, a biography of the godmother of performance art, re-imagined by visionary director Robert Wilson.

“What an incredible evening, truly the finest theatre I have ever seen. Abramović was incredible, moving through the play, of which she is the central character in the most profound way, with a light touch, never overpowering her cast. Willem Defoe cut an imposing but insightful figure throughout, playing a role as narrator, but so much more, becoming a representation of a massively significant part of Abramović herself. I cannot speak highly enough of his performance; I was more than impressed, frankly stunned at his abilities as an actor, playing the dark side of a human soul, but again more, becoming the gatekeeper of Abramović’s mind, whilst maintaining a merciless and cutting humour that displayed an absence of pretension in both Abramović and himself. His representation of the internal torture present within a profound, intelligent mind was one which rose above an occasion already described quite rightly, as a significant moment in the history of Mancunian theatrical culture.” (Comment by Daniel James Gillard)