The concert premiere of Bjork’s (45) “Biophilia” on 30th June, was commissioned for opening night and five additional performances by the Manchester International Festival in England which continues through July 17.

“Biophilia” (audio for iPad) welcomes the interactivity of the Internet and harnesses the power and flexibility of devices that incorporate video, audio and user control far beyond the play button. As media artist and Biophilia developer Scott Snibbe said: “Bjork had a complete, unified concept where everything was interconnected. The music wasn’t dominant, the image wasn’t dominant, the interactivity wasn’t dominant. Everything worked together the way a movie or an opera does.”

“Biophilia” has songs about crystals, dark matter and the origins of the universe.  In performance, each new song was introduced by the orotund recorded voice of David Attenborough, giving the song’s title, scientific phenomenon and musical lesson: “ ‘Hollow,’ DNA, rhythm.”

Bjork is famous for her (official) artistic videos: Army of Me(1995), Hyperballad (1996),  All is full of Love (1998),  Nattura (2008),  etc.



New York Times