The second international part of CAGE100 takes place in 50 citites in more than 20 countries. In the Carillon project, CAGE100 sets its sights on a special instrument: church bells, also known as Carillon. The instruments are truly magnificent and monumental – the largest bell can weigh up to 18.5 tons. They will be played worldwide to celebrate John Cage on the occasion of his 100th birthday. (Diest, Belgium, 28 July, 2013, church Sint – Sulpitiuskerk)

Carillons are usually found in the tops of towers, old town halls, and churches. Cage’s pieces were especially composed for these instruments and, since they are usually so prominently located, the music will ring all throughout the cities in which the pieces are played.

PROGRAM: Music for Carillon No. 2

CARILLONNEUR: Wim Van den Broek


Sound example

The previous „Water Music Project“ took place in Leipzig and in all of its sister cities between 07th of March and 15th of March 2013.