Ars Electronica festival will be held in Linz from 31 August – 6 September.

“The insatiable hunger for knowledge; the burning passion to blaze new trails and overturn old points of view; the wish to find out where we come from; the longing to endow our existence with meaning and to establish our place in a comprehensive model of the universe. The satisfaction we derive upon getting to the bottom of these things, explaining them, describing them, expressing them. These absolutely quintessential elements of what it means to be human constitute the shared source of art and science. They are the driving forces from which innovation emerges”, say Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker (Artistic Directors of the Ars Electronica Festival).

The directors add: “In cooperation with CERN, an institution in which more than 8,000 scientists from many countries are at work expanding the boundaries of our knowledge of the laws of nature in an effort to understand the genesis of the universe and the origins of all matter, we are dedicating the 2011 Ars Electronica Festival to the fascinating world of leading-edge research on the basic principles of the cosmos.”