The gratest Croatian performer Tomislav Gotovac, a film director with huge charisma and energy died in 74th year in Zagreb.
Several years ago he changed his name into Antonio Lauer after mothers second name, but he stayed well known for his previous name and work of art  as well. He has used his body a lot in his performances. He was famous for his performance “Zagreb, I love you” performed in 1981th where he walked through the capital`s main street Ilica naked while kissing the asphalt

He had been born in Vojvodina (Serbia, ex Yougoslavia), he has finished the Film Academy in Belgrade and has moved to live in Croatia. As the leader to many artists, for example to Marina Abramovic, he had a lot of art works in important galleries, such as the Cetre George Pompidou in Paris, and Venice Biennale. Although he was shortly ill and suffered in poor conditions, he will stay famous for his films “Glenn Miller 2000” and performances like “Foxy Mister”as well as his well known sentence: “Sve je movie-All is Movie”.