The international Multimedia exhibition  SHE_STORY in MKC (Multimedia culture centre in  Split, Croatia ) will be held  on Friday, 18 June, at 9 pm.

New media exhibition “She_story” is the world seen through woman`s eyes. 84 new media art works were applied to this exhibition and the curators selected 18. “On a content level the authors are approaching the subject on several levels: from works that refere on the life of work of other artists like Frida Kahlo (Cry me), to art works that use film as polygon for artistic exploration of intimate world (Being a woman…/the Aria), works that deal with the relation with body and digital body, or world and virtual world (Study on human form…/Urging Absence/Blind hands), works that explore position of a woman in a religious and/or political context (Roghieh/BasBas), to authors who use body in a radical ways in approaching the subject (Parto/Lovemaking) .” (B. and N. Kadin)