June 10th – September 12th, 2010 (Zagreb, Croatia)

Although it is very irritating to see whatever artists showing deep relations, despite the sexism, gender roles or satire, thus undervaluating the art as an individualization and individuation, we read on the web pages of the Museum of Contemporary Art:” Gilbert & George are the most highly regarded and influential artists of today. Their artistic actions and works, monumental in format, are an unavoidable locus of 20th century art, and find their place in the collections of the most important museums and galleries in the world.

The famous British artists present themselves for the first time in Zagreb and the whole region with the newest series of pictures, under the title Jack Freak Pictures. It comprises about 60 pictures, dealing with their favourite subjects, such as death, religion, life, sex, hope, and money. The Jack Freak Pictures cycle is a fascinating homage to the world renowned motif of the British flag (the Union Jack Flag).

Gilbert & George are always provocative, but, as they themselves  say, they create “art for everybody”. They directly address the widest circle of visitors, but they stand for art that is responsible and does not provide finished answers but raises further questions.”


(source: msu.hr)

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Gilbert and Georg on Croatia: We are already nervous, almost everyone`s here white and Catolic!”


(Jutarnji list, June 9)

(Gilbert i Georg: “Već smo nervozni, ovdje su skoro svi bijelci i katolici”, Jutarnji list, 9. lipnja)

Source: jutranji.hr