The Vivid Live festival, an annual event  bringing music, photography, and performance to the Sydney Opera House, which runs May 27 – June 21, includes distinct acts of  number of artists, but always especial is Lou Reed’s all-noise, no-lyrics Metal Machine Trio.

As ArtInfo advises Reed has also curated a digital exhibition of works from the Magnum photo archive, while his artist-wife, famous

Photo: Vivid Sidney

American performer Laurie Anderson will perform a concert only audible to dogs (the dogs will be treated to whale noises and high-pitched sounds ),  and she will also offer a retrospective performance of some of her songs and stories as well. “And if you happen to be floating through the harbor at night during the festival’s run, it might appear that the “sails” of Jørn Utzon’s famous building have been vandalized, but no worry — Anderson (like last year’s curator, Brian Eno) has just arranged a psychedelic light show to be projected on the exterior of the opera house”.

They will also play alongside modern New York artists including Holly Miranda, Doveman and My Brightest Diamond, as well as acts from countries including Russia, Japan and Canada.

The program is dominated by experimental and improvised music.