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Boris Poljak and Damir Cucic won a prize for their film ‘Sky Spirits’,  made in ‘Croatian Film Clubs Association’ production, at the  Alternative Film & Video festival in Belgrade (Serbia). The awarded  authors got a special  bonus – the possibility of producing next film or video work at Academic Film Centre (AFC) in Belgrade.

The experimental film ‘Sky Spirits’ used the documentary recordings of  fireworks as a bases, that have been collected during 2001-2008. They didn’t use computer programmes, but has been created  just by video processing.

Croatian Film Clubs’ Association is an association of non-professional film and video groups operating in Croatia since 1928. Founded in 1963 as the Croatian Cinema Association (and the Centre for Croatian amateur cinema before that), the Association works today as part of the Croatian Technical Culture Union.

Croatian Film Clubs’ Association assembles cinema and video clubs, film groups and individuals from primary school to adult members, encourages their work (providing financing, managing and expert help), contributes to education of mentors and members of film groups, organizes presentations and evaluation of film and video works by children and adult authors, at home and abroad, and works on preservation of best film and video works of non-professional cinema. Since 1992, the Association has been a member of the international organization of non-professional cinema (UNICA).




As a part of the 2010 Melbourne Festival  (8-23 October) one of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists Bill Viola introduces In Conversation and offers a rare opportunity to hear him discuss his remarkable work.

“Throughout the Festival Viola’s Fire Woman and Tristan’s Ascension can be experienced at St Carthage’s Church, The Raft is showing at ACMI and his work is also part of the Mortality exhibition at ACCA.
Ocean Without a Shore is a permanent installation at NGV International until 13 September 2010.”

Video Art enables Video statics, a Zero expression of Art or simultanity and creates deep affections filled with astonishment, thus witnesses “a new economy of seeing”.  It also enables a Video dynamics through electronic processing figuration and montage. You can find out more about this powerful Art extended media in a short presentation  on  VIDEO_ART.



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