Curator of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka Sabina Salomon introduces a famous international artist Mirko Ilic at The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad on 25th October – 14th November, 2011.

“The exhibition THE PEACE WORKS – Mirko Ilic – Retrospective: comics / illustration / design / multimedia 1975-2011 is an artistic event that will give the audience a chance to get acquainted with the previous works of this author. Mirko Ilic published his first works in 1973, and since then has been publishing comics and illustrations in magazines, such as Omladinski tjednik, Modra Lasta, Tina, Pitanja; he has become the art and comics editor of the students’ magazine Polet in 1976. He helped to organize an informal organization of the comic book creators Novi kvadrat (The New Square), that has been widely connected to the Novi val musical movement in Zagreb.

In 1986 he left Yugoslavia and went to New York “with $1,500 in the pocket and no idea what to do upon getting there.” He soon started publishing his illustrations in Time, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and many other prominent and influential newspapers and magazines. In 1991, he became art director of Time International, and the following year he became art director of the op-eds in The New York Times. In 1993, Ilic became one of the co-founders of Oko & Mano Inc. graphic design studio, and in 1995 he founded Mirko Ilic Corp., a graphic design and 3-D computer graphics and motion picture title studio. In 1998, he created the title sequence for the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail.”



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