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“This is a film about everything: rich countries and poor countries, smiles and tears (quite a lot in my case, I must confess), day and night, life and death, animals and humans, man and women, whites, blacks, gays, straights, children and very old people, happiness and desperation.  We are all there, with our fears, our idiosyncrasies, our routines, our doubts, our weaknesses…”

“Last year (2010) YouTube launched a campaign, supported by executive producers Tony and Ridley Scott, asking everybody with a camcorder to record a day in their lives. Fast forward a year to 2011 and director Kevin Macdonald and editor Joe Walker (never an editor has been more crucial to the making of a film), release their documentary to the world and to the same people who actually filmed it.

Apparently 80000 videos for a total of 4500 hours were submitted from 126 different nations. The result is a film that tells the story of a day on Earth, and precisely the 24th of July 2010: 24 hours in the life of ordinary people. (…)

The film starts at midnight as people are still asleep in most places: some night shift workers are already at it, some wild party animals are still up from the previous day, but generally speaking it’s a quiet start. Within a few minutes, we are treated by a sunrise montage from all over the world as people are getting up in the most remote corners of the globe.(…)

But just when you are about to think “is this film going to be just a long montage sequence?”, then the film suddenly slows down and you are actually treated to real moments into people’s life (well, I say “real”, obviously there’s a camera filming so I suppose it’s “a version of reality”, but that doesn’t diminish its value nor its emotional impact on the audience).”




National Geographic: Life in a Day Trailer

Life in a Day

At the Zagreb film festival (17th-23rd October, 2010) You can see the Juanita Wilson`s film “As if I am not there”  (Tuškanac cinema, Saturday, October 23rd at 21.00 ) made in coproduction of Ireland, Macedonia and Sweden, based on Croatian journalist and writer Slavenka Drakulic´’s book of the same name.

As If I Am Not There is a story of a young woman from Sarajevo whose life is shattered the day a young soldier walks into her apartment and tells her to pack her things. Rounded up with the other women from the village and imprisoned in a warehouse in a remote region of Bosnia, she quickly learns the rules of camp life.The day she is picked out to ‘entertain’ the soldiers, the real nightmare begins. Stripped of everything she ever had and facing the constant threat of death, she struggles against all the hatred she sees around her. In a final act of courage or madness, she decides to make one last stand: to dare to be herself. And this simple act saves her life. It’s when she realises that surviving means more than staying alive that she has to make a decision that will change her life forever. As If I Am Not There is a modern war story that explores love, identity and the connections based on Croatian journalist and writer Slavenka Drakulic´’s book of the same name.

Sarajevo Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival



The 25 FPS will take place from 21st to 26th September 2010  in Zagreb, Croatia.

The 6th Festival 25 FPS is organized by Association for Audio-visual Research 25 FPS. The festival is supported by the Office of Culture City of Zagreb, Croatian Audiovisual Centre , Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia and Student Centre University of Zagreb. Festival takes place at Student’s Centre in Zagreb, Savska 25.

25 fps denotes the number of full video frames per second as used in the European PAL video system, in contrast to film’s 24 or NTSC video system’s 30 frames per second.

You can see this year`s competition program: