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“Thanks to the efforts of several artists, curators and art enthusiasts, the Sarajevo bunker is getting a new lease on life. Since May the bunker has been open to the public for the contemporary art exhibition “No Network: 1st Time Machine Biennial,” a mainly site-specific project exhibiting 44 artists from 17 countries that runs until Sept. 27.

Currently in the Bosnian capital there are no commercial galleries that promote high-end contemporary art and there is no art market per se. There is great hope that things could change when the Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art (the name is a partial anagram for Sarajevo) opens in 2014. The original idea for the museum dates back to 1992 when the city was under siege and the plan was to build a collection of contemporary art from across the globe. Since that time, the founders have forged strong relations with several museums across Europe and have received donations of pieces from artists like Marina Abramovich, Anish Kapoor and Joseph Beuys.

At the moment the collection is housed in a temporary space and is opened up only by appointment but it is hoped that construction on a building designed by Renzo Piano will begin in earnest next year.”




The Croatian Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzej suvremene umjetnosti-MSU) was founded in 1954 with the aim of following, documenting and promoting events, styles and phenomena in contemporary art. After the old museum, which was located in the Upper Town, new museum was opened in 2009 between capital`s historical centre and its new districts across the Sava river.

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The collections of the museum include some twelve thousand contemporary artworks, created by Croatian and international artists between 1950 and the present day. the museum includes the following collections: Drawings, Prints, Posters, and works on Paper; Film and Video; Photography; Media art; Sculpture and Painting.

The core of newly founded collection of Media Art is constituted by early computer artworks that the MSU collected during the five international exhibitions entitled New Tendencies, which took place in the period from 1961-1973. The third exhibition of New Tendencies (1965) investigated the relationship between cybernetics and art, while the fourth (1968/69) was dedicated to information theory. In accordance with that, an international symposium on Computers and Visual Research took place in the same year, accompanied by the publication of the first issue of BIT international.

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