New performance Glocal Art of Aging is a strong performative symbol and a unique field of knowledge – the image of the meeting of young and old is an INDICATION OF THE PROBLEM in Western culture that needs to be addressed on many levels: philosophical, social, cultural and artistic, religious…


Situationally and performatively through the “site-specific” artistic action (city square Ivana Brlić Mažuranić in Slavonski Brod / noon), we will multiply the simultaneous symbolic overlap of intense symbolic encounter of young and old: through the dance experience of three dancers, students (Elementary School I. G. Kovačić and Crafts -technical school) and 80 students on a multimedia assignment (Teacher Training, UNISB) will meet with 5 senior users of the Home for the Elderly and the Infirm.
Along with minimalist, contemporary music, three dancers from Zagreb of different generations will perform dance meditation on the Square: retired choreographer and dancer Mirjana Preis, middle-aged dancer Tamara Curić and young student Gita Curić.

All students will be aware of the importance of their existential role “moving to meet the elderly”, university students will be mentors who will guide old people a few meters across the square to meet the young, and young people will give them flowers and cakes… During the meeting three interactive generations of dancers will encourage dancing as “the revolution of tenderness” (Papa, I wish you a smile).
Writing about the importance of meeting and listening to “young prophets and old dreamers”, the Pope stressed the need for the reality of wise rooting with the synergy of young, playful enthusiasts with experienced elders who want to make their wealth available to the mutual benefit of growth.

A large number of students will actively participate in the performance by recording multimedia tasks as final works in the course Media Culture (UNISB).
In a scientific review of this phenomenon of dialogic actualization of young and old, eminent scientists with glocal addresses will write: Dr Kruno Martinac from Melbourne, Australia, Professor Ph.D Lino Veljak and Assistant Professor Suzana Marjanić from Zagreb, then psychiatry specialist MA Jugoslav Gojković and Assitant Professor Ph.D Vesna Srnić from Slavonski Brod who is also the author of the project.

Ph.D Vesna Srnic, ARTHEA president

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