By combining the artistic process into a harmony of free variation and contrast punctus contra punctum or point against point, we created a dynamic performative composition. We have woven the differentiation of the stylistic identities of the musicians into the stimulating, minimalist What Lies Hidden at the Root of an Obscure Edifice matrix of a professional composer. Each of the musicians, mostly related by birth in the same city of Slavonski Brod, but now from different parts of the world, from Australia (Dr Kruno Martinac) through Europe (University Professor Predrag Repanic, MA Mus. Aljaz Razdevsek, Musician Tomislav Brezicevic) to Canada (MA Arch. Siniša Tomic), innovated from their environment a representative audio sample of authentic and complex integration into the cantus firmus matrix, with the subsequent fairly summarize procedure done by the Professor of composition.

The resulting intelligent quantum / holographic fractal (pars pro toto) of consecutive octaves with consecutive spacing error tolerance is going to be exposed intensively in a specific place (Town Square), at a specific time (12 AM) for 15 minutes and accompanied with contemporary dancer Nastasja Stefanic from Zagreb in front of the urban citizens and students on a multimedia assignment.

It will be another NGO ARTHEA’s glocal call to the City and the World to live aesthetic and ethical values.

PhD. Vesna Srnic, Associate Professor, UNISB

NGO Culture, media and education – ARTHEA president

Ministry of Culture and Media in Republic of Croatia informed on their official web page about our performance which will be held on May 8 (Saturday) in Slavonski Brod: