“Contemporary literature abounds with expressions such as ‘we live in a connected world, ‘a connected age, a ‘human web and a ‘web society. At first sight this dependence seems rather peculiar because simultaneously there is much talk about individualization, social fragmentation, freedom and independence. But on second thought, this coincidence is not that strange because both tendencies might be two sides of the same coin – at least, that is what is argued in this book: ‘The world may never have been freer, but it has also never been so interdependent and interconnected’ (Mulgan, 1997: 1).”

A new course book written by a Dr. Jan van Dijk from Neetherlands University in Twente is about the new digital media in social and communication science., as well as on the Age of Networks. It’s an intedisciplinary outline of social aspects as a network theory, structuration theory, medium theory and modernization theory.

You can read the first part of the book  “The Network Society” .