The prestigious American media “The Village Voice” presents Croatian curatoring of Branko Franceschi’s exhibition “Tune in Screening: Psychodelic Moving Images from Socialist Yugoslavia 1966-1976” as the best or Top Arts story in New York at the moment.

A journalist R.C. Baker explains: “Post-World War II Yugoslavia threaded a Cold War needle between the Soviet Union’s Communist hardliners and the West’s hedonistic capitalists. This national schizophrenia perhaps explains the fantastic flowering of proto-MTV films and conceptual objects created by the Slovenian avant-gardists known as the OHO Group. In 1968, an OHO founder, Marko Pogacnik, crafted a puzzle by slicing up a photo of the Rolling Stones and gluing the pieces to a dozen matchboxes. In a recent interview, the artist summed up his affecting object (which opens the exhibition): “In the same way that matches appear when one needs to build the fire, pop culture ignited our imagination.”(…)”

Although the journalist Baker writes about the cultural moment of the analysed period in the exhibition, we think that he missed so much regarding philosophy and curatorial capacity.