The exhibition of the Croatian artist Boris Bucan called ‘Streetcan be seen until October 30 in the Croatian Glyptotheque in Zagreb . The selection and exhibition are signed by the respected academician Vera Horvat Pintaric.

ulica“Not only the street, but also imagination! (…) A little bit of reality and a lot of imagination. (…) Why not, Bućan imagines that simultaneously can see two skies, I guess it’s on the left side the morning sky marked with the blue, on the right side the evening sky when the great white prevailes blue evening light at the end of the horizon.

One eye sees, the other changes what is seen. We know who owns these two eyes and who can change the world in the image. Only a selected few...”

Boris Bucan (Zagreb, 1947) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1972. His artistic practice includes drawing, graphics and graphic design. He pays special attention to the issue of the anonymous media message which he personalizes through humorous interventions in the template (Bucan Art, 1971). At the start of his career, he created posters for the Student Center in Zagreb (Galerija i Teatar ITD – Gallery and the ETC. Theatre) and Dramsko kazalište Gavella (Drama Theatre Gavella) (1967-1972). Between 1980 and 1982 he created a famous large-sized poster series recognized for their picturesque quality for HNK (Croatian National Theatre) in Split, and for the concert program of Radio-televizija Zagreb (Radio-Television Zagreb). After the series was exhibited at the 1984 Venice Biennial, Bucan earned international fame.

Also, as a part of the “Artist on Vacation” project he presented his series of works Bucan Art” in seaside villa Polensi, as a prelude to a much larger body of work “Bucan works” that will be presented in autumn, next year at the exhibition of pop art The Pop Goes the Worldat the Tate Modern in London, and then in the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo in Brazil.