‘Tune in Screening: Psychedelic Moving Images from Socialist Yugoslavia”,  the exhibiition curated by Branko Franceschi opens on 2nd October (6-9pm) in Stephan Stoyanov Gallery in New York. The exhibition is on view till 30th October.

Between 3rd and 30th October Franceschi will open a Virtual Museum of Avant-garde Art’s Overseas Headquarters located in New York’s organization Residency Unlimited. The project will function as a temporary office for meetings, open talks, and plan making regarding the museum and possible future collaborations.

Branko Franceschi is a director of the “Virtual Museum of Avant-garde Art” http://www.avantgarde-museum.com, based in Zagreb, Croatia. The Virtual Museum of the Avant-garde aims to compensate the shortcomings of virtual reality through the direct exchange of knowledge on Southeastern Europe’s avant-garde movements to professionals, artists, students and the general public of New York. “The screening focuses on experimental film production and rock music created in Yugoslavia from 1964 to 1974. The materials all indicate a degree of openness and permissiveness that characterized Yugoslavia’s brand of socialism when importing and incorporating pop and alternative culture from the West. This cultural exchange influenced local society, arts, and, especially, Yugoslavia’s lifestyle and popular culture.”

Trained as an Art Historian at the University of Zagreb, for more than 20 years Franceschi has initiated and curated numerous exhibitions of contemporary art for exhibition venues in Croatia and beyond. Membership: AICA (AICA Croatia President), ICOM, CIMAM, DPUH, Advisory Committee of Art in General, New Media Commission for the Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia (President), Gallery and Museum Program Commission for the Municipality of Rijeka (President).

The programme is realized with the support of  CEC Artslink  www.cecartslink.org, as well as Croatian Ministry of Culture, and the activity of “Virtual Museum of  Avant-garde Art” is assissted by The Town Varazdin.

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