A three in one postgraduate study: acting, media in which the acting occurs, and culture created by acting was founded at the University of Rijeka by the internationaly famous actor Rade Serbedzija. He also founded the Ulysses Theatre in 2000 in Brijuni, where he  directs and acts in most plays.

The postgraduate programme was established on December 14th, 2010 by the Senate of the University of Rijeka as a two-year course for specialising in acting, media and culture field of research. Anyone can enroll into the programme, provided they have a valid university degree and have passed the admissions exam. The programme lasts two years (four semesters) during which theory and practice intertwine through courses such as Voice, Acting, Dramaturgy of Performance, Reading Drama, Characteristics of the Cultural System, Actor as Musician, Philosophy of Arts, Actor and Choreography, Postdrama Theatre.

Main aims are training the students to become critics, theoreticians, scientists that have empirically tested methods and challenges of acting process, as well as interdisciplinarity, interactivity and internationality as the policy of the programme. Part of the courses will be held in English, involving collaborators and professors from foreign leading universities and art schools, such as Nigel Osborne, Reid professor of Music at the Edinburgh University; Staša Zurovac, director and choreographer; Nikola Petković, writer; Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, philosopher; Robin Carr (University of Southern Mississippi) and Deborah Kinghorn (University of New Hampshire), masters of Lessac method for voice and acting; Elvio Baccarini, philosopher; Karpo Godina, film director and DoP, and many others.