A Trieste Contemporanea and Studio Tommaseo production are presenting  from April 16th 2011 to June 18th 2011 Vlado Martek’s exhibition: language in freedom, in the framework of the Words Room project conceived for the Continental Breakfast international network.

The exhibition is under the patronage of the General Consulat of the Republic of Croatia in Trieste, with the collaboration of  the Institute for Contemporary Art Zagreb and is sponsored by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the participation of Casa dell’Arte Trieste and Media Digital Business Srl. The curators are Dubravka Cherubini and Janka Vukmir, and contributors Dubravka Đuric and Darko Šimicic.

Media Via comment on Artisti Armatevi (Umjetnici naoruzajte se) : more grace is needed against the war-like impulse, as the famous Botticelli painting shows. “However, when Mars as an archetypal power is realised within us and the true warrior emerges, then his activity becomes focussed in service of Venus, of the Goddess, and he will fight to do her bidding, to restore her glory and reputation, manifesting his more noble qualities of courage, valour and honour. One only has to contemplate this fabulous renaissance painting of Botticelli to realise who is really in charge!”

Croatian artist Vlado Martek has a BA degree in philosophy and literature, whereby he entered the field of visual art by writing poetry. In the mid-1970s, his poetry acquired special forms: he extracted poetry from the book and incorporated it into “poetic objects” made of mirrors, clay and books; he wrote poster poetry which he exhibited in exhibition-actions held by the neo conceptualists Group of Six Artists (1975–1979) in the streets and squares of Zagreb and other places. Martek called himself a “pre-poet”, investing great effort into the “purification” of poetry to such an extent that it was reduced to no more than an emphasis on the reality of the constitutive elements of the poem’s materiality.


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Venus & Mars: A Balance of Power