“Santiago Calatrava, one of the most famous contemporary architects, has arrived in Belgrade after being invited by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation Zubin Mehta.

This Spanish architect, acknowledged and famous as both engineer and sculptor, is part of the elite of modern architecture whose works decorate cities on three continents.

Calatrava’s early career was dedicated largely to bridges and train stations, whose designs elevated the status of civil engineering projects to new heights. His Montjuic Communications Tower in Barcelona, Spain (1991) in the heart of the 1992 Olympic site, as well as the Allen Lambert Galleria in Toronto, Canada (1992), were important works and turning points in his career, leading to a wide range of commissions. The Quadracci Pavilion (2001) of the Milwaukee Art Museum was his first building in the US. Calatrava’s entry into high-rise design began with an innovative 54-story-high twisting tower called Turning Torso (2005), located in Malmo, Sweden. Calatrava’s structures, mainly made of concrete, glass and steel, are also famous for defying the laws of gravity.

During the two-day stay in Belgrade, Mr. Calatrava will talk with the officials of the Foundation about its projects, and one of the topics should be the vision of the new building of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.”

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra prepared very concise  and thoroughly elaborated concept  of the house of music with the characteristic title: The Rose of Civilisations. The chosen location is at the delta of Sava and Danube rivers, thus The Rose of Civilisations will powerfuly seal off the bloody chapters of the past and open the peaceful future.