After Marina Abramovic’s  famous performance  at Moma in New York last year, here comes another great performer, Croatian artist – Sanja Ivekovic. Born in 1949 in Zagreb Ivekovic  is among the most influential feminist artists and activists in European and global context.

By using very different media (video, performance, installations, and non-artistic media such as newspaper ads, postcards, or posters), she began discussing very early the mechanisms of social identity construction, placing an emphasis on the female identity as subject to social expectations and stereotypes since the ancient times.

“In her persistent exploration of the border between the public and private self, Iveković subtly insinuates the collective responsibility we share for the things that take place around us. By doing so, without any moral exhortation, her art permits us to see more clearly the interdependence of things and the scalability of our actions, from small gestures to grand narratives.”

Photo: Triangle

(Ivekovic performed a provocative Triangle alone on her Zagreb balcony: She read, drank whiskey, and pretended to masturbate at the moment Tito’s motorcade passed by. The triangulation involved not only three offending actions but a policeman stationed on a nearby roof, who she knew would see her, and the officer he summoned, who rapidly arrived.)