As we read at Los Angeles Times, this week Laurie Anderson presented her latest work “Delusion” at UCLA (University of Los Angeles). “Puzzling over our state of affairs, she had come to see images, and our dependence on screens, as a distraction. Delusion combines violin, electronic puppetry, music and visuals. Anderson turned to narrative and music alone, sharing the stage with three backup musicians.

In Delusion, the screens were back. But as Anderson’s mood has turned darker and she has gone deeper and more inward, the beautiful, enveloping video helped keep us in touch with the outside world. Behind her was a cinema-sized backdrop, and three other surfaces of different shapes and materials –- including a sheet-draped settee -– were also used as screens. Anderson appeared alone, dressed in tight white shirt and loose skinny tie, looking both hip and vulnerable. She too, when she covered herself with a sheet, could become a video screen. (…)  In this powerful, moving, incredibly rich work, Anderson has already stripped bare her –- and our –- deepest, most troubling communal delusions.”

(Anderson on Delusion: