An Ego in ordinary life and the Ego in Contemporary Art as well destroy explicitly the Art of Witnessing and Waiting through a Process!  As self-proclaimed creator Ego or Narcissus  jumps in his mind and  creates more problems…

How to heal the Postmodern Art? “Simply watching the thoughts, the noise inside there, and just waiting for it to be clear.” So, what is the most natural, divine and spiritual Creation you can imagine? Art of Imagination, Meditation and Sexual healing!

“Sexuality means “sex appeal”, erotic phenomenon, not as hedonism. Erotic attraction, as magnetism, the states of potent exsistence and especially autoerotics compose a strongly exalted mental image, as a bases for photogenics.

Such mental image creates a “counterpart” or phantom who is connected closely to photogenics. In video art and experimental films sexuality is expressed as extremely freed and natural energetic source, without simulations.”

(From Vesna Srnic` s Master`s degree: Video at the Origin of Image, )