International festival of mental health, exhibition, performances, theatre plays, cinema, conference.

It is the first international project of this kind in this region. Find the answers to how we became mad, how autism and theatre are connected, do we perhaps need mental pacemakers or how does one fall in love with the Eiffel Tower, by coming to the festival, October 20-24, 2010 at Pogon Jedinstvo and Mochvara Club in Zagreb.

October 23, Saturday (11-16h conference)
● Panel 1: How We Became Mad
11:15h Dušan Bijelić (RS/US), Freud’s Self-Orientalism and the “Nazi Symptom” of Psychoanalysis
12h Ana Peraica (HR), The Victims’ Symptom
12:20h Zoran Roško (HR), How Did We All Become Mad?
● Panel 2: Doctoring the Mind
13:45h Sergio Benvenuto (IT), Age of Happiness, Age of Depression
14:30h Adi Hasanbašić (BA), The Voice of Madness Live on Air
14:50h Leonard Roy Frank (US), Electroshock Damages the Brain and Destroys Memory / video conference