Famous Croatian Art Historian and director Branko Franceschi will introduce his Virtual Museum of Avantgarde Art with a special approach to avantgarde movements in previous Yugoslavia, during Biennale in Turkish Sinop, between August 14th-September 4th, 2010.  The third edition of Sinopale is “Hidden Memories, Lost Traces”. The project aims to gather a “transportable memory” of the city in order to reveal hidden memories and lost traces thus stimulating memories of the artists as well.

The Biennale organizer stresses: „ The actualization of this crucial period by means of arts will bring back memories and link with the present maybe unexpected singular events, thus allowing new readings of the process of change in European cities and actual events that take place in those cities. (…)

Sinop has the characteristic of an isolated port city which has existed throughout ages.  It has a loaded history and a loaded memory. The existence of a penitentiary (prison) where some of the prominent intellectuals of that period had to do time and its impacts is part of the collective memory of the city (…) Black Sea region is a transit area between the geographical Europe and the political Europe where historical conflicts still take place.

Sinopale 3 will deal with the artistic, creative works related to the expression of the “hidden memory” together with contrasts such as the “choice of the inhabitants” and the “choice of the governors” in integrity on “city, district, individual” basis. Through workshops, exhibitions, performances where “proposals for the future” will be discussed (…), the Biennale will be held in a “participative-interactive” way.