Film Mutations: the Festival of Invisible Cinema is a Croatian filmological project on the modes of film presentation and interpretation, or the politics of film curatorship, Gorgona, 1.- 5.12.2010.

This year’s festival-symposium will take place from 1 to 5 December, 2010, at the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, with programs and lectures by world film scholars, Alexander Horwath (director, Austrian Film Museum), Olaf Möller (permanent curator, Film Festival in Oberhausen), Nicole Brenez (professor, University Paris III) and Go Hirasawa (lecturer, Tokyo University Meiji-Gakuin) and filmmakers Lech Kowalski and Klaus Wyborny, who will start a debate and reflexion on the modes of non-commercial exhibition and on the ethics, aesthetics and politics of poor, minority curatorship.

In previous years, amid discussions of the digital, of the death and mutations of analog film, of the expectations for the archival and museum destiny of film on celluloid tape, a challenge with which film museums and archives will confront the digital age, of the utopian role of museums in relation to the image market, there was a call for a redefinition of the notion of film curatorship.