On the September 4th, 1974 an internationally known Croatian video-artist Dalibor Martinis recorded a video work “Still life” (Mrtva priroda), with the still life placed on the TV set  while the TV news were announced. Now, at Korčula island Gallery Siva zona, 35 years later, he reads the same news in a new space-time context.

Multimedia artist Dalibor Martinis performs his video work “TV News” (TV Dnevnik) in Gallery Grey zone, at Korčula till August 7th.
Well known Croatian video-artist, was invited by curator and artist  Darko Fritz to show one of his video works from a series Data recovery, as a proces of a returning some important lost data back to memory, by giving them a positive,  informational and social entity.

While Martinis is reading the same News from 1974, 35 years later (2009), as a speaker, he uses new digital technology equipment and design, but the ideology constitution is from old times, belonging to the previous regime. The artist reassesses past life time in the context  of  new experiences, thus “recycling” the memory and returning the old work as positive aspect of previous (still) life, back.

We ask ourselves whether such a vertical back up can be  erected in time-space continuum efficiently enough to integrate the Memory or isn`t  it necessary to be more deeply affectionate about getting the inspiration while catching the Power of Now in “spinning wildly or standing still”? Is it sufficient to be just a witness or to stress a Human charisma and Body appreciation as well?