(Klovićevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb, 2009)

One of the best exhibitions in Croatia where the tradition meets the multimedia!

“The exhibition has shown, and the publications have proved, that this is, so far, the most complete cultural and historical overview of that special cultural space, and that it has provided an utterly new insight and evaluation of that surprising space rich both in nature and heritage.

The stratification of the present cultures, density and typological diversity place Slavonia, Baranya and Syrmia onto such macro-region of not only Croatian but also European culture. To be able to understand the entirety of the exhibition, it was important to determine the cultural origins and contacts among the cultures there present, the place of the region in the general heritage, and then highlight in wide strokes separate areas, establishing thus the content connection in such large series of thematic unities. In other words, show Slavonia, Baranya and Syrmia as culturological mixtum compositum and at the same time discover new sources and open new pathways to the interested researchers.

The researches will be able, with the abundance of the so far published scientific and expert papers, to add to this exhibitory and publishers’ corpus new layers in the reconstruction of the past, and using the virtual web catalogue, the first of its kind in Croatia on the web page of the Ministry of Culture http://www.kultura.hr, find the source of information and expert and visual data regarding the Slavonia, Baranya and Syrmia exhibition.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, as the initiator and project leader of this project, in cooperation with all the institutions dealing with heritage and best heritage experts, with this exhibition and publications on Slavonia, Baranya and Syrmia keeps evaluating in a new manner the Croatian cultural space.”  (Minister of Culture, Božo Biškupić)

Source: www.bastina-slavonija.info

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