The eminent director Ridley Scott together with Kevin MacDonald is going to make a great movie, a documentary which will be shot by Youtube users from the whole world on a 24 July, 2010 thus leaving a document of life expression of global community to next generations!

McDonald, who made “The Last King of Scotland,” will direct the feature-length documentary and Scott, who helmed Oscar-winning “Gladiator” and a host of hits such as “Blade runner,” “Alien,” and “Thelma & Louise,” will produce it. Creative users will make a sort of archetype recordings of their ordinary life on that day, upload them and MacDonald will compile the best shots. Users of the chosen works  will be signed as collaborators, and twenty of them will be invited to come to Sundance film festival, on a „Life in a Day“ premiere.

To participate, YouTube users must upload their footage to This is indeed a unique idea and experiment in the history of film industry.